Why I joined thecoachingfellowship.org

There are many good reasons why I joined The Coaching Fellowship and I want to share with you one of them. The amazing Ted talk by Aala Mubarit, where she talks about how women can change the world. It moved me deeply.  It revealed my deepest and profound thoughts about why I am connected to an institution like The Coaching Fellowship, whose purpose it is to unleash the potential of young women and give them equal influence in the world. 

Aala said in her Ted talk: ”Religious institutions are dominated by men and driven by male leadership. They create policies in there likeness. And until we can change the system entirely, we cannot expect to have full economic and political participation. Our foundation is broken.”  

I believe that male domination is also present at most companies in our world. Therefore  Aala's statement is just as valid in the world of corporations as it is in the religious world. One of her main goals was to get the women 'at the table'. Meaning the decision-making table.  

Letting that happen is exactly what I want to do. I always have been a fan of positive discrimination, I mean that if man and women are equally competent the women should have the preference to. Only then will she have this space at the table. Only then can she enrich the companies with her point of view.

Every woman who will be coached by me, I will encourage to pass this message on, to everyone of them, so that they in their place can pass this on again. We need to join forces and be sure we will be at the table. So we can enrich societies and their habits by the participation of women.

With my partnership at The  Coaching Fellowship I am working to realize my aspiration.