Provocative coaching 

The Provocative style: Action oriented, quick, effective and fun.
Anxiety, self-confidence, depression, personality troubles, relationship issues, stress & burnout, do you recognize one of these?
More important then the problem is the person behind the problem. That’s what I will be looking for. I help people with by challenging them. We will dive straight in to the hart the of problem and you will be amazed how strong it will make you. And besides we laugh a lot!

The Provocative Style offers an entirely alternative approach. It is delivered from a curious and good natured attitude and is designed to expand one’s thinking, as opposed to more traditional experts who put forward solutions and offer advice.

Adélka Vendl

Adélka Vendl

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Nine provocative interventions

Provocative coaching lovingly makes a caricature of the clients view of the world. It is an exciting stimulating method which uses humor and warmth to challenge the client put him in his power.

Download pdf: Nine provocative interventions

Nine provocative interventions


Provocative coaching is an exciting stimulating method which uses humor, love and challenge.

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