Why men do not follow a coaching education

Coaching educations are being overwhelmed with women. This year, I followed an education at a fantastic anthropologist, Jitske Kramer, but, there were no men.

At other communication workshops and coach educations, I noticed the same thing. Provocative educations provide a mixed image. My autumn group solely consists of men. I started thinking about how this is possible.

In the past, in the ancient past, there were just male teachers. Figureheads who educated our very own children in a strict and legitimate way. Concerning psychologists, you did not yet have coaches in the past, it was the same case. Think about the father of the psychology; Mister Freud. Admitted, he looks confident with his cigar, on this photo! In this weblog, I will base the idea of why men do not want to be coaches, on an article of our southern neighbors, the Belgians: 'Men in the classroom? An extinct race'. Read the article as a PDF here or view the article online.

Just as for men in the education sector, also in social work it less attractive for mento work there. Being a coach as occupation belongs to the ‘soft industry’. It is better to be a manager. In the past the teacher held his position next to the doctor, the notary and the shepherd. You could say the same thing for the psychologist. They all were highly regarded professions. And that is exactly what men want; an occupation which is highly regarded. And to be honest, we as women, also like men who are highly regarded!

I want to mention something about quality, who is better, a man or a woman? When a test was conducted among teachers about who would be more professional, men or women, and who provided better quality, there was a tie between men and women. More women in education, did not decrease the quality of the education. But what it did, nevertheless, was that it made sure that work would be done out of feminine values.

However, I do not think that it is healthy for clients to just see women as a coach. Boys and girls often need another approach at school and I think that this is not different in the playground of the corporate life.
I notice that by looking at my own children. I got 3 boys. And even though I try very hard and use all my psychological techniques, I often lose it from my husband, “the technician”. Something to become extremely jealous of. I do not always reach the desired effect and I generally comment on ‘soft cases’ such as no cursing, be nice to each other and do not twitch and pick each other.


On these moments, I am happy to also work provocatively. It is based on facts, humoristic and challenging. Exactly what men like. And that is why men should be a coach. Just maybe in another way. Provocative coaching does appeal the feminine part, as we provocative coaches, are focused on helping the other. Just as every other form of coaching. But, we have definitely something for the masculine part: not beating around the bush, using humor, challenging thouths and habits, asking for facts and details and using stereotypes. Fast progresses is made and that’s what men like. But there is always good contact. And after something difficult occurs between men, they are able to laugh again together. Men are able to have a short conflict with each other and afterwards they will go on like nothing happened. That is something you will learn with provocative coaching. For women this skill is a bit harder, just have a look at the little comic strip.

I actually wanted to make an appeal; more women in the group. But after having written this, I though, no, why actually? Then we have a genuine coach group of men. And you will make sure I have a hard time! Because I will remember that for 20 years!