Women United

Women United Gambia - 2017

Why WomenUnited?

Impact. Learning. Togetherness.
During this leadership program, you will discover the most important values and growth possibilities that apply to you as a leader. Gain clear focus on what you stand for.

During the 7-day-journey you will work and live together with Gambian women and will gain self confidence and wisdom. You know what to do to take your next steps in life and career.

Afrika. What you will experience, is that things don’t work as you may intend them, or would want them to. This program gives you the opportunity to find new ways to deal with (business) issues.

 This program gives attention in what it means to be great for the world. By participating in this program, you can contribute to a better life for Gambian women and families by supporting them in the development of their businesses. Your participation covers the costs for one Gambian participant.


Highly educated business women from the Gambia and European business women in leadership positions. 


Annet van de Laak


Master of Business Studies, experience as a manager and consultant, and 15 years as trainer, coach, & facilitator of leadership development programs. Gambia connoisseur and passion for selfmade knitwear.

Adélka Vendl


Master of business psychology, experience as consultant and trainer of management development programs, using the provocative psychology: applying the power of reverse psychology and potential candidate for ‘The Great Holland bake off’.


9-16 december 2017, Gambia

Sign up, book a ticket and pack your bag.
This is what you can expect:

  • After applying you will have an intake interview to get you ready for the journey.

  • Three weeks before the program starts, we will meet up with the all the participants

  • Day 1: Travel to Gambia, settle down in a lodge at a rural Gambian village

  • Dag 2 – 6 Cross-cultural program. You will interact with other Dutch and Gambian participants working on critical business issues of rural female Gambian entrepreneurs. You will support them to increase their livelihoods, and they, in turn, will make you reflect on your leadership.

  • Day 7 Fly back The entire process is guided by two experienced facilitators who will be there to coach, give feedback and create space to reflect on what is important for you.


€5.950,- per participant Be a sister and support a sister: Your fee also covers the participation of a Gambian female leader. Including all program organization/facilitation, transport, accommodation, food. Excluding VAT, vaccinations, visa and airline ticket. We will book as group and make sure you get the best possible rate.

Next steps

  • Are you interested? Contact us, we send you an invite with more detailed information annet@better-future.com, +31 6 227 951 22.

  • After that, we will invite you for an intake interview: to explore your personal learning goals, to align your goals with the program and to share practical information.

  • Kick-off in The Netherlands, 1 day (afternoon/ evening): getting to know the other participants, start of the learning process and final practical information.