Leadership coaching at the coachingfellowship

Use business as a force for good



Adélka Vendl is a coach and psychologist at the Coachingfellowship

The coachingfellowship is an international community of coaches dedicated to help extraordinary young women with great potential to lead in our world. The coaches help them reach their full potential.

When the question was spread throughout my network. 'who wants to be a coach for the coachingfellowship',  I did not need to hesitate for one moment. 'This is for me!' I thought. This is where I can contribute.
One reason is that I personally would welcome the amount of female leaders in our world. I'm fascinated and nurtured by women like Benazir Bhutto, Hillary Clinton Angela Merkel and Madeleine Albright. By coaching our young talent I contribute to more female leaders. Moreover they may function as a guide for other women.
The second reason why I joined is that I strongly believe in the philosophy of B corporations. The B Corps offer me a framework as I wish to lead a company where society benefits from, as well as the shareholders. In the new economy we share our time together to reach a better world.

If you are not working for your clients, why not share your knowledge with others?